Friday, April 27, 2012

Future Smartphones can see through walls!

It sounds interesting to have one but at same time it is scary if others are watching at you by using it. Brace yourselves: The future just walked in the door, because soon smartphones not only can just take photos but will go well beyond its current feature by allowing you to LOOK THROUGH WALLS, as well as wood, plastics, paper and clothes (just like Superman). University of Texas, Dallas, researchers are translating an "unused range in the electromagnetic spectrum" called the terahertz band (sounds like fancy talk for magic) through microchips made of CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, aka wizardry) into images which can be seen via a computer or smartphone. 

Terahertz radiation has been in the news, or at least the news that doesn't hit the headlines, quite a lot recently. It's suggested to be a safe alternative to X-Rays that is still capable of seeing through walls and under cloths and has been promoted for use at airports for advanced scanning of passengers, to determine if they are concealing items. This technology has basically limitless implications, from detecting counterfeit money to helping doctors identify tumors. However, if you're nervous this could turn the world into an unwilling peepshow, relax: Researchers want to focus on uses in a range of less than four inches (10 cm).