Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reminiscing My Childhood Days

Had a great Sunday rest after rushing all my weekends chores and groceries done up the day before. Lying down on my lazyman chair while listening to the selection of oldies songs chosen by my hubby out of the thousands of CDs that we have. While listening to all the familiar songs that I have not heard for some time, I started to think back of my childhood days.

Even though being born as a Kelantanese, I hardly know much about this northern state because I was there only for a few months old. Raised in a small town ie. Kluang (the place where the famous Kluang Station coffee was born) in the state of Johor, my family lived on top of a hill where the radar station for the meteorology department stood. For the first 10 years of my life, most of my time besides than attending school were spend there. 

Surrounded by jungle nearby and the fact of living in a small town, life was slow and easy. Almost alternate days, there's visits by squirrels, porcupines and wild birds. In the day, grasshoppers and butterflies will be hopping and flying around the grassy slope. By late sunset and at night, fireflies will be lingering around the area. School was fun because I had a bunch of good primary mates that I knew ever since my first day at school including my current blogger friend missyblurkit. How I miss those days and all my friends there...

Many things changed when my family moved to KL because of work and also for a better future. People living in a big city are always short of time. Everyday is a rushing day...maybe we have not adjusted ourselves to it yet. Life was not easy. The unexpected cost of living in KL as compared to a small town really did created big problems for my parents. My mum had to grab as many over-time as possible to overcome it and she's always thrift in many ways. $ and temper were always the spark of all arguments between my parents. As daughters, we did not understand her and all her great efforts much back then. If I could just turn back the time and gave her all the support she needed...To my mum, who is now staying happily half the globe away...I am so sorry for that. You will always be in my heart and love you always!

School to me was like a nomad way of life...changing from school to school. Not that I am a bad student but just the fact to cut down on transportation and rental expenses, we need to get to the nearest and the cheapest one around. So in my first year living in KL, I was in a girls school for a year and then we moved again to PJ. Due to this, I have to change to another school just for my final primary year. Met some new friends and maintained for a few years before moving to another school again. That's where I knew fellow blogger xDer and also his wife nOra now. A nice and very quiet person.

To me, friends are my source of joy and means a lot. Friendship last forever. I can still remember the short verse that we will usually pen in autograph books "Enid-Blyton I am not, so I cannot write a lot...just three words Forget Me Not". My childhood days though not a happy one but I learned something valuable out of it in which I always practice and put it in my mind. Money is important but never ever argue over it in a relationship. It destroys a family in a long run. Always practice open conversation and be true to your family members...nothing to hide. Now being a mum to two great kids, I will always make sure my kids go through a happy childhood. They are my future :) I love my family!