Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seriously...She's smaller than an iPhone!

Here comes the smallest, cutest puppy in the long history of small and cute puppies.

The female Dachshund and Chihuahua mix puppy named 'Beyonce' barely survived being born on March 8 at a northern California animal sanctuary, needing mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions from veterinarians in the first minutes of her life. Beyonce was the fifth and final dog of her litter to be born and wasn’t breathing at first. Her mother had been living on the streets before being picked up and rescued.

She was so small at birth that she could fit into a spoon. Weighing just about four ounces, she’s even smaller than a can of soda but the palm-sized puppy is getting stronger each day. She has been bottle fed around the clock since then (every hour to be precise). At two weeks, she's about the size of a business card. Nothing demonstrates the size of this little puppy other than comparing her to something we’re all familiar with like an iPhone… 

Meanwhile, an application has been submitted to Guinness World Records to see if she be able to nab the world's smallest puppy title.