Sunday, December 25, 2011

Meme question gets big ‘Yes’

One young man recently decided to upload his unique marriage proposal to the world. To his surprise, the world responded with delight. It all started when Timothy Tiah, 27, decided to surprise his fiancee Audrey Ooi while she was having dinner with her friends in a restaurant in Bukit Bintang last week. Using flash cards featuring popular Internet memes, or online in jokes, such as PhilosoRaptor, Socially Awkward Penguin and Impossibru!, Tiah asked Ooi to marry him. Overwhelmed, Ooi agreed.

The video of their proposal was eventually uploaded onto YouTube and went viral, receiving over 687,000 views as of yesterday afternoon from around the world. Tiah's proposal was also featured on popular US digital culture siteGizmodo, American news site Huffington Post, and the Technolog section of The video was also uploaded onto humour website 9gag, where it received over 13,000 likes. American popstar Katy Perry even made reference to Tiah's proposal yesterday, teasing her husband and stand-up comedian Russell Brand over Twitter: “Y U NO DO A MEME PROPOSAL TO MEH?”

Tiah, 27, who is co-founder of popular blogging site Nuffnang, said he was inspired to do this as his fiancee was a big fan of Internet websites, such as 9gag and Reddit. Ooi, 26, who works in an advertising firm, said she first met Tiah three years ago through friends. A very meaningful marriage sweet! Congrats!

Meme-rable: Bride-to-be Audrey with Timothy holding a poster with the ‘Success Kid’ meme.
Link to this meme video