Friday, December 16, 2011

Incredible miniature pencil tip sculptures!

What do you usually do with your pencil’s leftovers? Probably throw them away, unless you are an artist and can create an amazing master piece. Ever wondered that one can craft sculptures on the top of pencil leads? Meet Dalton Ghetti, a 49 year old carpenter from Connecticut who craft sculptures on top of pencil leads without using a magnifying glass. His interest in carving started when he was a child and had experimented with everything from soap to chalk before settling on graphite. For 90 percent of his work, all he needs is a sewing needle, a razor blade, a sculpting knife and a carpenter’s pencil. Pencil carving is a hobby for Dalton Ghetti and it takes him years to complete pieces. A standard figure will take several months however the alphabet carvings below took about 2.5 years. He uses sewing needle to make holes in the graphite. The best thing is he never buys pencils. His friends always give him pencils to sculpt or sometimes he uses the ones he finds in the street.


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