Monday, June 4, 2012

Partial Lunar Eclipse 4 June, 2012

Today, we will be able to observe a partial lunar eclipse. In general, lunar eclipse will occur when the Moon passes the Earth’s shadow during full Moon. The eclipse will begin at 4:48 pm when the Moon start passing penumbra shadow of the Earth but most observers will not be able to visually detect the eclipse since penumbra shadow is less dark and the Moon is still below horizon at that time. The Moon will start passing umbra shadow of the Earth at 6:00 pm and the eclipse will be in maximum phase at 7:04 pm. It can only be observed when the Moon is rising at 7.18 pm until 8:07 pm when the Moon totally leaves the Earth’s umbra shadow. The eclipse will ends at 9:18 pm but it couldn’t be observed since it is at the penumbra (less dark shadow) phase. No matter where you are in Malaysia, as long as the sky is clear after sunset, looks at the southeast east direction for the Moon. You can observe the eclipse with naked eye.