Tuesday, February 21, 2012

80's - 90's TV Series and Soap Operas

During the 80s, there were so many great tv series and soap operas that, unless you were a diehard TV watcher, you may not even know it existed. I still remember the days when I was kid. After dinner as usual or I would say as a daily routine, I will rush and get everything done up before the evening primetime.

Just as the clock shows 8.30pm (or maybe earlier because I can't remember the tv schedule already)...I would be ready sitting in front of my family's little old tv for my favourite one hour series of the day. Certain days can enjoy another hour because the soap operas comes after that. 

Here are some of these shows I recall enjoying as a kid...hmmm wonder how many still remembers it? What was your favourite 80s - 90s tv show?