Thursday, January 12, 2012

Freak accident ‘launches’ MyVi car on top of van

The majority of people who live in Malaysia today consider their car to be a daily necessity for getting around. The car is used every day to run errands, go to and from work, drive over to friend’s houses and so on and so forth. People who drive in this manner generally just take having a car for granted. Why not do everything you can to avoid a car landing like this?

A driver “launched” his Perodua MyVi into the air after apparently hitting a pile of sand before landing on top of a van during a bizarre accident in front of a row of shoplots in Jalan Long Yunus, Kota Bahru. According to eyewitnesses, the car went out of control and hit a pile of sand before landing on the van during the incident that occurred at around 7.20am yesterday.

Curious onlookers trying to figure out how the MyVi landed on top of a van in Jalan Long Yunus, Kota Baru yesterday.
A man living at one of the shoplots near the scene said he was sleeping when he heard a loud noise from the road outside. “I got out of bed to see what was going on and found that the van, which had been parked on the right side of a shoplot, had been moved further to the left after the impact,” he said. He added that the MyVi driver was nowhere to be seen. Some residents said the loud noise sounded as if there was a huge tree falling.