Friday, January 20, 2012

CNY 2012 Petronas short video ads...

Meaningful short videos to usher in the Chinese New Year 2012....For centuries, mankind have migrated from one place to another, in hopes of finding better opportunities. But no matter where they are, or how far they have come in life, they will always come home. This Chinese New Year, let's celebrate the virtues that bind us all together - the spirit of resilience, determination and adaptability in turning challenges into opportunities and seeing the positive in the negative.

Petronas stays true to its common tradition and values that bind all Malaysians through its television commercial to usher in the Year of the Dragon. The commercial titled “Coming Home”, was shot in Malaysia, England, Belgium, China and India.

The commercial that’s in English and Mandarin illustrates what it takes to make life better through a progressive attitude, opening the mind to new ideas and learn new things, ultimately making one a better human being.

-Petronas n thestar-