Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RACISM – The act of Human Error

Malaysia have been so remarkable on their economical factor, expertise, ideologist and potentials during these few recent years but do they know that these fast growing may not apply to everyone and it won’t last for long? The government always would mentioned that there will be openings of some 2.5 million jobs to the nation due to the development of these land, building of factories and so on but do you know that even though there are many newly build ups, these will only attract foreign investors and import their professionals. Those 2.5 million openings would be streamed to about less than 1 million local bread winners.  Needless to say, the target will only be focused to their investors. Besides, the government also would help the nation to increase the salary scale higher for the civil servants. What about to the private sectors? The Human Resource Ministry and Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) will never be co-operative to fight for the sectors and sometimes it would be so bias that you could only see clearly – BERSIH – A question will put on their thinking cap and consider for us?

Look back, if the government would have given a quota for the local companies to follow what the government would have said, people will not have to mitigate to other country for a better living. Let’s compare this issue to our neighboring country like Singapore or even to Brunei. Not many people would migrate because that their country have a balance trade of races. Brunei for instance, the do not have taxation from the government. Maybe is that they are rich but then even though it is, the people are enjoying the facilities which is given by the country. Some people may think that there are lots of opportunities or a complete change of life when they crosses that borders but will they then are a first class citizen? No, by right they can hardly have a better living if compare to their home. Some might have a different prospective sight. It looks like it will lead them to a better life and prosperity. Wrong, I should say. If the government would have listened and helped other races like helping themselves, then I think it will be a balance mixture. Many would say, “they do not listen at all”. They only concentrate to the rural, not the urban. They will also say that the relevant department will rubricate the problem so that it will have a balance blend. True? If this concept would have been practiced, then I think it will not only be a balance mixture but a perfect mixture. Benefits will automatically share among the rest then we will not be shortage of professional’s and it’s a fact! Does this severely happen to your beloved country?

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