Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Funny photo captions!

squirrel versus ewok
Please don't attack me and I promise to give you one of my precious nuts!
elephant stampede
Make way....we are rushing for the mad sale of the year!
green sea turtles, bora bora
Please leave us alone...I am having a date with my partner!
white cat – blue eyes
I don't want to play anymore...please come down.
Look out for Santa...Anyone see him? We need presents for Christmas!
baby chameleons
Come on don't be afraid...just give me your hand!
a very close nose
You smell great...did you just had a bath?
a meerkat family
1, 2, 3.... A perfect family photo!
young artic fox
Just call me Snow White :)
dog with the best view
Enjoying my day with the best view!
dragonfly heart shaped
I love you!
pug wants cookie
Cookie, cookie please come to me 'coz I am really HUNGRY!
come at me bro
Let me give you a good big hug!
hangover cat
Too much yesterday night...never again I'll drink beer in my life!
colorful chameleon
Just tell I beautiful enough?
panda ant
I am a distant relative of the panda family!
ladybug after the rain
Poor lady bug after the rain.
strongest in the forest
I am the strongest in the forest!
-source fr net-