Monday, December 19, 2011

Human Dressings...Current fashion trends

People suffered in more anxiety of having to dress sexier and trying to letting the public know about (showing off) their body, but the problem is they do not see back on the mirror of how will they look before appearing in public. A question would be thrown back to them, “where are they from?” Do they come from oversea? A survey has shown that out of 100%, almost 83.5% are “copycats”. They will just take other people’s dressing or fashion out from no where. Like comparison of the young Malaysian and the teenage Koreans or the Japanese. The sensation of having to dress in thick clothing’s, long rapped heel shoes, but with a short mini skirt. Maybe it is a trend for them to wear like that when back at their country but for the Malaysian’s, they know that they do not have the opportunity to have all these but they gain the lust from the internet fashion. So, they copy! Don’t they realize that it is awful? People in the republic may have the season to wear their clothing’s and that is right for them but the Malaysian’s would wear whatever that they seem to see is nice to them and would not care about the weather, even though that they are sweating all over it would be worth for them. Like (for example), winter clothing’s, performance clothing’s and casual corner, they would dress like (as though) they are going to perform the most prestigious show on earth or attending to a party and other would dress like as though they came back from the cold country. Not knowing that they had bad taste.

The element is, do they know what does fashion mean to them? We understand that fashion is everywhere but not all fashion that can be wore out in public. Designer clothing’s, for example like Giorgio Armani, Prada and etc have no boundaries between ages and sex. Some would think that wearing sexier would attract more people’s attention especially female’s. Would they know that it is even dangerous for them to do that as will attract crime? There are many who dress skirts as short as 3 inches!!! There are also who dresses like they have not dress anything at all. What a mess… Knowing of what is right and good for them is the best thing on earth, knowing of what is right and not showing off is even the best thing of life. Dressing will show the person’s creativity, knowledge and teachings. For all these, they will be judge by the public and not by their friends. The public will put an eye glimpse on them (from far) especially when they are exposing their assets. This will also create kiosk for some reason.

Personal experience, I have seen people who dresses like a star above by not noticing that when they walk up to the escalators, they will start to cover everywhere, skirts as short and as thin as seeing through, pants which is as tight and short just to expose their assets and the fairness of themselves but then think back, are they worth to show? If they would look like some fashion models from the magazine or if they would have a nice figurine, then maybe I would give them an 80% of perfect ness. This is just an opposite attraction. Everyone have their own perception. God’s creation!!! They know that they are not so attractive but on the other side of view, they have fare looking skin and a nice sexy shape, they will wear sexy clothing’s to get attention. Is this GOD’s creation? 

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